Saturday, 26 March 2011

Monthly Favourites. X.

Each month I’m going to do a post on my favourite products of the month may it be skincare or makeup and what I like about them and my own little review!

NARS illuminator:
I’ve been looking for a new highlighter/illuminator for awhile since my current one is too glittery and vibrant (I’ll keep it for special occasions! Still a beautiful product. It’s Mac iridescent powder in silver dusk) so I w
anted a toned down product which still offered a highlighted effect. Being a Nars gal I’ve always been aware of their illuminators but ever never tried
them out. So today I went into space nk and tried out the illuminator in the shade orgasm. I was a bit on the fence as I wasn’t sure I liked the colour, but when I put it against my very pale skin and blended it. (Perfect for blending!) It was beautiful! Not too much and not too little! It’s a really universal product that can be mixed with foundation, body lotion, highlighter etc. I love the new packing too, my compact then the older model. I recommend only using a pea size amount or less. Less is more girls!

MAC Satin lipstick in Pink nouveau:
Since it’s coming into the spring I like to start wearing brighter and lighter lipstick and glosses, I came across this shade when I read this is what Lady Gaga mod-
elled her Viva Glam after but she made hers a lot lighter. I found Gaga’s viva glam far too light for me and Pink nouveau is perfect. This is a shade I can see myself wearing a lot! Added bonus that it’s a satin texture as that’s my favourite! Yay!

What I love about it -
Long lasting
Very pigmented
Non drying
Fades into a gorgeous colour

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